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Alberta Projects 2013

by sbccadmin on February 20, 2013


1. Ankita Saxena, 16, from Grade 11, Westmount Charter School in Calgary aims to decipher the mechanisms behind Alzheimer’s Disease, the most common type of dementia among the elderly. She will be using unique research tools to investigate interesting, yet unexplored phenomena of the disease which may even be helpful in understanding the mechanisms of other neurodegenerative diseases.

2. Anne Liao and Elena Lin, 17, from Grade 12, Henry Wise Wood High School in Calgary, are investigating gene mutations in cystic fibrosis patients treated with antibiotics and will be testing the effect of the antibiotics on targeted proteins that control bacterial activity in the body, a potential for developing better treatment against the disease.

3. Arjun Nair, 16, from Grade 11, Webber Academy in Calgary study focuses on using Laser Energy to treat cancer. Laser light in the near-infrared-region provides thermal energy to the site of the cancerous tumor, breaking down the proteins essential to the vitality of the tumor. This project looks to optimize this treatment method through the use of antibiotics.

4. Atulya Madhavan, 17, from Grade 12, Sir Winston Churchill High school in Calgary asks to “Say no to cloudy vision”. With the exception of surgery there are no means to correct and prevent cataract formation. His project aims to investigate the use of calpain inhibitors as a drug to stop and prevent further growth of cataracts.

5. Cindy Xue, 16, and Andrew Xiao, 17, from Grade 12, Old Scona Academic High School in Edmonton, are studying the effect of a recently discovered genetic mutation on the development of breast cancer. This research could give women more conclusive results from ambiguous testing, and could also allow for further research in a cancer-targeting treatment.

6. Rina Huo,18 and Grace Yi, 17, from Old Scona Academic High School in Edmonton. Through determining irregular protein activity, the team aims to derive a more efficient way to detect Inflammatory Bowel Diseases and Inflammatory Bowel Syndromes such as Crohn’s disease, as well increase the possibility of their prevention.

7. Andy Le, 17, and Nikola Viktorov, 17, from Grade 12, Old Scona Academic High School in Edmonton, are investigating the effects of certain proteins on lymphoma cancer cells. By researching how these proteins influence programmed cell death, there is a potential for creating new and more effective cancer therapies.

8. Caroline Li (17) and Sai Vemula (17), Grade 12 from Old Scona Academic High School (Edmonton)Prion diseases hinder neuronal function, and are caused by the spread of agents (prions) that cause abnormal folding of proteins in the central nervous system of humans and animals. By observing the levels of the normal prion protein in muscle stem cells of mice, the team is gaining valuable information for diagnosis and treatment of the disease.

9. Sarthak Sinha, 16, from Grade 11, Henry Wise Wood High School in Calgary aims to provide new insights on how skin stem cells are able to communicate with one another and on novel drugs which can improve treatments for skin burns and hair follicle regeneration.

10. Shuo Chen, 17, and Regan Mah, 17, from Grade 12, Old Scona Academic High School, Edmonton, are Investigating and Isolating the Effect of Certain Foods On Insulin levels, by placing concentrates of these foods into the environment of lab-grown cancer cells that produce insulin.

11. Sujay Nagaraj, 16, from Grade 11 Western Canada High School in Calgary is understanding what characteristics of brain tumor cells lead to them being so aggressive, as a means of illuminating the path for new and more effective treatments in the future.

12. Rachel Son, 17 and Sylvia Cao, 17 from Grade 12 Old Scona Academic High School in Edmonton are exploring the use of a type of antibacterial agent found in shrimp shells as a bio-preservative to help fight against harmful bacteria present particularly in raw meat i.e. Ground Beef. These agents would allow people to safely enjoy rare to medium steaks, especially after risen concerns from the recent outbreaks of bacteria found in meat packaging companies.

13. Zofia Prus-Czarnecka, 17, from Old Scona Academic High School in Edmonton aims to change the way Insulin-producing islet cells are cultured to strengthen them so that they may be stored for longer periods of time before transplantation in Type 1 diabetics. This will give doctors more time to transport patients or islets from distant locations and will make the procedure available to more people.

14. The research of Niuniu (Yiqun) Wang, 17 and Esther (Joo-Young) Lee, 17 from Grade 12 Old Scona Academic High School in Edmonton, will light the pathway for the elimination of bacteria in hydraulic-fractured waste water in order for the water to be reused and for the prevention of clogged pipelines during natural gas production. This will be done by discovering the kinds of bacteria found in the water through protein analysis techniques.

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